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Biomass carbonization furnace

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Solvent extraction refers to the process of extracting oil from oil bearing materials by means of solvent. Solvent always use a petroleum by-product, usually Hexane. Solvent extraction plant, however, is one of the most important oil plants in the entire oil seed processing.

The rice bran extraction oil extraction machine designed by Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD adopts advanced process design, with easy installation of equipment, safe characteristic and automation, small enerLD consumption, good effect of extraction, low residual oil in meal, and good quality of meal and oil.

The Rice Bran Oil Extraction Line applies to rice bran, soybean, cotton seed, rapeseed, camellia seed, sunflower seed, corn germ, etc.
Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD is mainly engaged in oil processing engineering R & D, oil equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training service.Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD has rich experience in oil mill press installing and producing, scientific management methods, complete quality assurance system, which guarantee us to finish our each oil processing project reliably.

Biomass carbonized furnace

The equipment is widely used in rice husk, bamboo shavings, palm, hemp pole, coffee shell shell, shell, peanut shell, apricot shell, peach shell, walnut shell, wood, tree branches, crop straw and oil crops such as soybean, rapeseed, cotton, palm, wild oil plant and engineering micro algae and other aquatic plants and carbide for making the biomass fuel oil.

Biomass carbonization furnace

Carbide equipment is a kind of biomass pyrolysis process of the carbon enrichment.In the face of my company biomass carbonization equipment under common probleLD do a detailed introduction:

The biomass moisture content > 20% : need to drying processing first

The main furnace material: 310 s

Capacity: 1-10 t

Feed size: 2 cm or less

Response time: 20 min - 30 min (associated with moisture content and particle size)

Discharging temperature: 30 ° C (water out of the feeder)

Carbonization temperature: 400 ° C can be finished

The carbonization rate: 4:1-3:1

Fuel: coal, wood, natural gas and oil

Biomass carbonization equipment can be used indirect and direct to the product of the following aspects:

Agriculture: soil conditioner, biological carbon fertilizer

Industry: fuel, activated carbon, steel cover agent

Life: barbecue carbon, hookah

My company's biomass carbonization device has the characteristics of a very large: a fire.Its meaning is a heat source used for two purposes, one is the dry heat, the second is the main material carbonization furnace.

Biomass carbonization equipment can be equipped with different according to the requirements of crusher.

Biomass carbonization furnace

To adopt advanced technoloLD of continuous high temperature carbonization carbonization, no waste water, waste emissions, integrated water recycle, the moisture in the material, after drying condensation to activate the cooling for hot carbon black, effectively reduce water consumption.
Do not use production process of the condensation of combustible gas burning heating, recycled after waste gas processing, used for combustion air.
Combustion system to produce waste gas spray washing, will be sulfur, liquid, or solid waste steam condensation, washing down the main organic pollutants;The washing water after oil-water separation recycling.Activated carbon adsorption in addition to taste, after drying.Into the combustion system fully burning.Waste gas and dust removal share an induced draft fan, hot cold mix cooling, effectively reduce the dust removing water evaporation.The concentration of sulfur dioxide in flue gas and dust levels are lower than the national standard.
No solid waste dumping.Won't cause effects in the atmosphere and surrounding environment, conform to the principle of clean production.
1. The environmental quality standards: "ambient air quality standard" GB3095-2012 secondary standard
The surface water environment quality standard "GB3838-2002 Ⅲ class standard
The groundwater quality standard (GB/T14848-93 Ⅲ class standard
2. The pollutant emission standards: the air pollutants emission standards GB16297-1996 secondary standard
The integrated wastewater discharge standard GB8978-2002 secondary standard
"Standard of noise at boundary of industrial enterprises" GB12348-2001

Biomass carbonization furnace Biomass carbonization furnace

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Biomass carbonization furnace

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