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China sunflower oil refining machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Tea Seeds oil machinery
Certification ISO9001,CE,BV
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets sunflower oil refining machine
Price China sunflower oil refining machine
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Supply Ability 30 Set/Sets per Month sunflower oil refining machine

Product Features

China sunflower oil refining machine
Introduction of China sunflower oil refining machinelow-temperature-press (LP), high-temperature-press.
external processing, using teaseed as raw materials.
one can run Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd.factory with Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. refining equipment.
one can sell China sunflower oil refining machine while pressing at the market.
Functions of China sunflower oil refining machine
(1) China sunflower oil refining machineRefining section: used to P-acid de-gumming, alkali refining de-acid and water rinsing.
(2) Teaseeds oil machineryDecoloring section: used to remove off pigments, bleaching oils and grease dehydrate.
(3) Teaseeds oil machineryDeodorizing section: to remove off the odor components in oil.
(4) Teaseeds oil machineryDewax: used to remove off the wax in the oil, in order to get the high quality oil.
(5) China sunflower oil refining machineHeattransfer oil stove: supply each device production needing heat energy, temperature reach above 280°C.
(6) Teaseeds oil machinerySteam generator: produce the needing steam for de-odoring and distillation.
(7) China sunflower oil refining machineVacuum pump: supply needing vacuum for dehydrate, de-color, de-odor. Vacuum degree can reach above 755mm Hg.
(8) Teaseeds oil machineryPress filter: filter clay, filter out clear oil.
(9) China sunflower oil refining machineAir compressor: blow dry bleached clay, blow empty the leftover oil in the press filter.

sunflower oil

sunflower seeds raw indicators:

1.1.1 odor, color: normal

2.1.2 Water content: ≤ 10%

3.1.3 trash content: ≤ 1.5%

3.1.4 Oil content: 40 ~ 55%

Process Description (Pictures for reference only to prevail in kind)

3.3.1 smell, taste: sunflower oil has inherent smell and taste, no smell

3.3.2 insoluble impurities (%) ≤ 0.20

3.3.3 peroxide value (mmol / kg) ≤ 7.5

3.3.4 moisture and volatile matter (%) ≤ 0.20

3.3.5 Acidity (KOH meter) (mg / g) ≤ 4.0

3.3.6 solvent residue (mg / g) ≤ 100

Process Description (Pictures for reference only to prevail in kind)

ballast cleaning

Cleaning sieve shaker and scales commonly used flat screen, the screen surface means for reciprocating movement at work, high cleaning efficiency, reliable structure from the feed mechanism, sieve, sieve, sieve surface cleaning mechanism, vibration mechanism, transmission institution, dust suction mechanism and other components, the feed mechanism on the human role is to ensure the entire surface of the screen on the screen uniform and stable stream, the structure of the feed hopper, the suction pressure duct doors and other components imported.

China sunflower oil refining machine


This machine use sunflower alongside stone gravity and suspension help speed up the different physical properties of the material through the sunflower airflow gap teeth, prompting oil and alongside stone grading, alongside other heavy impurities in the stone lower in reciprocation for directional tilt Next to the stone effect, to the stone side running, floating on top of the oil under its own weight, to the discharge end outflow, thus bringing together the stone separated from the sunflower, the local structure tight, dust-proof effect, to stone rate characteristics.


Broken purpose, the large grain crushing sunflower seeds into a small particle size, in order to facilitate flaking, makes fat cell destruction, for the pre-conditions to squeeze oil higher offer, with alloy Roll, long 1 times more than ordinary roll life, broken even, automatic hydraulic tight roller system, machine sealing effect.


Flaking of the object, the crushed sunflower tissue, so that the grease can be smoothly separated from the roll with the alloy, times longer than an ordinary roll life, tight roll automatic hydraulic systems to ensure a uniform rolled flakes Bohou (≤ 0.3mm ), machine sealing effect.

Steamed fried

Using layer-style cooking and stirring wings from each pot maximum spacing 5 mm, to avoid turning the temporary oil pot is uneven, the overall pot sealed to keep the space above the material embryo has the largest humidity, can feed the embryo steam through steamed uniform.

China sunflower oil refining machine

Oil pressing

Mature domestic sunflower dedicated pre-press machine ZY24 type, machine pressed cake residual oil at about 10% to 18%, the biggest feature is a machine pre-press, press, low energy consumption, small footprint, is the sunflower pre-press first.


Automatic slag filter, manual cleaning cloth to avoid trouble, high efficiency, filter diesel automatic back,pressed, the station is also equipped with fold clarify slag machine, make sure the amount of residualcrude oil greaves least degumming process to ensure follow-up results.

China sunflower oil refining machine

Conveying Equipment

My company supporting transportation equipment running smoothly, good sealing effect, and domestic brands motor reducer

Technical Highlights

1, continuous mechanization to reduce human labor, reducing labor costs;

2,more advanced dust removal system to ensure that the workshop neat and clean, while reducing dust emissions;

3, All mechanical transmission equipment using oil-specific configuration, long life and reliable operation.

cake production line extraction process indicators

raw indicators:

1.1.1 sensory traits: brown, tile-like, small flakes or pie. Oil flavor, without fermentation, mildew, caking and odor smell.

1.1.2 Moisture content shall not exceed: ≤ 12%

1.1.3 trash content: ≤ 0.05%

1.1.4 Oil content: 5 to 18%

1.1.5 Powder degree: ≤ 2%

leaching process

Cake through the feed conveyor, into the extractor, extractor material in the mouth by a running feed spout week, between the inlet and outlet port for spray oil mixed with diminishing concentration, before entering the drain section, then by fresh solvent spray, drain wet meal after discharge from the extractor feeder cells discharged from the dial into the wet cake scraper. Concentrated oil from the mixture of the rich mixture into the twostage pump hydrocyclone powder after removing the impurities into the mixing tank;

China sunflower oil refining machine

Steamed off process

Extractor containing dissolved out of the wet cake is fed by a wet cake scraper delamination DTC pre-steaming through off the wind off the bottom with indirect steam heating, removing part of the solvent; off after the pre-meal into the steaming wet delamination steamed delamination set automatic control to maintain a certain material layer, bottom pass into direct steam, stripped of all solvent, while some steam condenses meal, the meal will be part of the water rises. Desolventizing meal by the layers of material position level control layers, drying layer to maintain a certain material level, water drying process to finally control the material by an automatic feeding door, and then into the database by the meal meal scraper.

Removing solvent from the solvent out of the top of the machine and the mixed vapor of water vapor, after the solvent trap, condenser cooling into recycling.

sunflower oil refining production line process indicators

1.1.0 refined sunflower oil quality indicators

1.1.1 Lovibond slot (25.4mm) yellow red ≤ 3.0 ≤ 35

1.1.2 smell, taste: sunflower oil has inherent smell and taste, no smell

1.1.3 moisture and volatile matter (%) ≤ 0.10

1.1.4 insoluble impurities (%) ≤ 0.05

1.1.5 peroxide value (mmol / kg) ≤ 7.5

1.1.6 Heating test (280 ℃) no precipitation, Lovibond color: yellow value unchanged, increasing red value is less than 0.4

1.1.7 the amount of soap-containing (%) ≤ 0.03

1.1.8 residual solvent oil extraction / crushing oil: ≤ 50 / not detected

1.1.9 Acidity (KOH meter) (mg / g) ≤ 1.0

China sunflower oil refining machine China sunflower oil refining machine

China sunflower oil refining machine China sunflower oil refining machine China sunflower oil refining machine

China sunflower oil refining machine


China sunflower oil refining machine China sunflower oil refining machine

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