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food microwave dehydrator/nut dehydrator equipment/dehydrated walnut processing machinery

Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name apricot microwave flesh dehydrator machine
Certification CCC ISO CE
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Unit/Units
Price food microwave dehydrator/nut dehydrator equipment/dehydrated walnut processing machinery
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 25000 Unit/Units per Year

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MicrowaveDryer Machine

LD third generation Microwavefruit drying machine/dehydrator machine is a device that transfers heat from a colder area (ambient temperature) to a hotter area (drying chamber) by using mechanical energy, as in a refrigerator, circumfluent hot-air assures uniform drying and high efficiency.Microwavefood Dehydrator Main parts:

Dehydrator Functions:

Heating drying

Cooling drying

Heating +dehumidify drying

Dehydrator Use for :

Dry vegetables like Radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cassava etc
Dry fruits like Apple, lemon, mango slices, dried longan, dried longan etc
Dry meat: fish, Sausage, jery beef, duck, ham ect
Others it can dry noodle, wooden, stick incense, herbs, floers ect.

Buying Guides
Recommend Dryer+Drying Chamber Sizes



Product Capacity

Drying Chamber size


One unit JK03RD dryer + drying chamber

300Kg / batch



One unit JK06RD dryer + drying chamber

600Kg / batch



One unit JK10RD dryer + drying chamber

1000Kg / batch



Two units JK03RD dryers + drying chamber

1200kg / batch



Two units JK06RD dryers + drying chamber

1500kg / batch



Two units JK10RD dryers + drying chamber

2500kg / batch


Warm prompt: We can make any drying chamber sizes as your required Application

LD Chrysanthemum Drying

Raise the temperature to 65-75°C which will be held for 2-3 hours to remove water, to 35-40°C held for 2-3 hours, 40-45°C held for 8 hours, and finally to 50-55°C held for 8 hours. The first-phase drying process takes 18-20 hours. Reduce the temperature to 35-40°C held for 3-4 hours. Raise the temperature to 45-50°C held for 15 hours, and to 55-60°C for one hour. The second-phase drying process takes about 19-20 hours.

LD Sweet Potatoes Drying

Raise the temperature in the cabinet to 30°C, and put the sweet potato slices in the cabinet. Set the temperature to 40°C, and dry sweet potatoes for 1-2 hours; Set the temperature to 55°C, and dry sweet potato slices for 2 hours; Set the temperature to 65°C, and dry sweet potato slices for 2 hours; Set the temperature to 70°C, and dry sweet potato slices for one hour; and turn off the power, and take out of the slices after one hour.

LD Fish Drying

The early temperature shall not be too high since the high temperature has a negative impact on drying quality.
Fish contain a lot of water, but also fat and grease, so it is very hard to remove water from them. Therefore, control over the speed of dehydration is of importance.
Color of cured fish is another important factor.
Be ventilated well in the drying process to prevent water vapor from staying on the surface of casings.

Mango Drying

At the beginning, the temperature shall be held at 70-75°C. In the later phase, the temperature shall be at 60-65°C. Pay attention to turning over and rewetting in the drying process.
Softening and packaging: If moisture content of mango slices meets the desired level, typically 15-18%, put them in the closed container for 2-3 days to soften them and make water balanced for packaging.

Longan Drying

Dry fresh longan up at 60°C within 20-25 hours. First, set the temperature higher so as to remove moisture quickly; second, reduce the temperature; at last raise the temperature on a gradual basis. In the second phase, keep the lower temperature for several hours to make water ooze from inner part to the surface.

Apple Drying

Noodles Drying

Onion Drying

Lemon Drying

Apricots Drying

Soybeen Drying

Carrot Drying

Sausage Drying

Wood Drying

Dryer Features

1.Energy saving 75%&Environmental protection
Adopt close dehumidify+circulating drying type,saving operating cost;
Without waste gas and waste heat pollution,low noise

2.Running Stable,operating easily
PLC+Touch Screen,running stable,operating easily;
Adopt PLC control,can setting different drying curve,suitable for drying different materials.

3.Second waste heat recovery technology(patent)
Adopt air to air heat exchanger dehumidify and recovery waste heat at the same time, saving energy more than 40%.
4.Exact control temperature and humidity
According to different material setting different drying curve, the Microwavedryer can control the drying chamber temperature bet ween 20-80℃.
5.Recovery volatilized component
Some kinds of material contain volatilized component,
In drying processing,hot and wet air will become condenser water then drain, collect the condenser water so that collect volatilized component

Package & Shipping

1.For Microwavedryer parts with export standred plywood case
2.For whole set dryer machine with 20/40FT container

Our Service

A. Payment service

1, T/T

2, L/C (for container order only)
3, Western Union, (for sample order & parts)

B. Technical service

1, We calculate the capacity and recommend the best models.
2, We supply you the professional refrigeration technical support and electronic technical support for your installation, debugging and operation.
3, We supply the spare parts and technical support in & after the warranty time.
4, We supply the training course to your workers at our factory if you need.

C. After-sales service
1, Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance.
2, Two year’s warranty, and you can pay for extended warranty.
3, Spare parts and technical support at most economic prices after the warranty


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