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potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine

Place of Origin ShanDong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Vacuum freeze drying machine
Certification CE Certificate
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets cutting machine
Price potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 300 Set/Sets per Month cutting machine

Product Features

Vaccum freezing drying machine is an advanced Hi-Tech dehydration technology, potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine makes hydrous materials frozen in the low temperature status, then under the vacuum condition, Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. adopts thermal radiation method for heating, to sublimate ice to gas directly. After the moisture comes out, Vaccum freezing drying machine uses ice-condenser (cold trap) and vacuum device to dehydrate the water content. potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine is a combined application technology based on multidisciplinary development, including refrigeration, heating, vacuum, biological, electrical and etc. Vacuum freeze drying technology has widely application, such as for chemical products, biologics, health product, herbs, agricultural products ( meat, poulty, egg, sea food, vegetables and fruits and etc.). Vaccum freezing drying machine Suitable for food lyophilization processing in the area of vegetables and fruits, dietary supplements, instant food, condiments, biological product, medicine, beverage and etc. Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. Lyophilization is a dehydration method that Vaccum freezing drying machine to sublime the material containing water from frozen solid state to steam state directly under the vacuum and low temperature condition.Vaccum freezing drying machine It’s the most advanced dehydration technic in the world currently with the advantages of long period quality assurance, good-rehydration, good condition of the looking, flavor, taste and high content nutritious remains. The finished product potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine has basically unchanged volume and shape with spongy appearance.

vegetable slicing and cutting machine

potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine


This machine is simple, easy maintenance, strong adaptability, is an ideal vegetable processing equipment. It is suitable for all kinds of vegetables and seaweed. Like potato, carrot, Cucumber, sweet potatoes, etc.

It can cut seaweed into Pieces, cube, strip, curved shape, etc.

The main structure and working principle :

The machine mainly have rack. Conveyor belt. Pressing vegetable belt. Slice bodies. Speed box or cone pulley speed institutionsCentrifugal slice agencies are used for hard potato and cucurbits slices. Tablet can be automatically adjusted within a certain range. Vertical knife part can process the soft leafy vegetables, or cut pieces into blocks of different sizes, cube, diamond, the length of various shapes such as vegetable. "adjustable eccentric wheel," it can adjust within a certain range. for principle of vertical knife simulating hand vegetable, processing and smooth surface, forming regular,the organization was well-cut vegetables to maintain freshness.

potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine

Technical parameter:







Cone belt B838-1 B1092-1 B1295-1
Conveyor belt length and width 1195*217mm
Pressing vegetable belt 314*188mm
Number of slice rotation r/min 440
Slice thickness 1-10mm
Times of vertical knife t/min 150.28053
Cutting vegetable thickness 1-25mm

potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine



Structure characteristics


Machine size


Multi-vegetable machine(small)

Cone pulley rotation

Stainless steel


If you need to cut many kinds of shapes, our factory can supply knife. Our machine equip with one knife, if you add more knives, need to order.

potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine

Packaging & Shipping
  • All Machine will be cleaned and whole wraped by plastic film to avoid any scratch;
  • Extra Spare Parts,wires and tool box will be placed with the package;
  • Delivery Department and sales will check the list to avoid any missing;
  • All Wooden Cases for protecting the machine during long-time shipment;
Our Services
  • Before Purchasing: We will provide professional technical project and sales consultation service to solve the customers' question and worried;
  • During Production: Timely updates the machine status for customer to ensure delivery time, and quality
  • After Production: Machine testing video and photos will be provided for inspection, if the customer can't come;
  • Before & During Shipment: The machine will be cleaned and packaged before transportation; All the documents will be provided for the seller;
  • Installation & Training: Providing professional and expert technical engineers to supply the training and installation service.
  • After Sales Service; Dedicated department and engineers for providing the timely and efficient service when the clients' need, such as formula, parameters setting, and spare parts;
Company Information

Zhengzhou LD Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in zhengzhou city of zhengzhou shangjie, building area of more than ten thousand square meters, has three senior engineers, intermediate title ten, five senior technician,in the mechanical industry more than 20 years, is a collection of scientific research and development, production and sales of integrated large-scale backbone enterprises, the production has a long history and strong technical force, advanced equipment, sophisticated technology, in the same industry enjoys a good reputation in zhongzhou earth, was a major contracts and keep promise unit for many times.

potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine FAQ

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A:We have a lot of machines, you can according to your need to choose the corresponding production machine type .

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A: We make the price according to our comprehensive costing. And our price will lower than the trade company because we are manufacture.You will get competitive price and better quality.

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Vaccum freezing drying machine Easy storage and transportation.potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine High automatic control with time and temperature adjustable operation.potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine Adopt the water-sealed pump and oil-sealed pump vacuum system, closed circulation heating system, postposition and bottom-position cold trap to make sure the potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine efficient operation with equal quality.Vaccum freezing drying machine Extraordinary freezing efficiency is guaranteed by the extremely efficient evaporator, optimized design and quality finishing.Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. is located in the ShanDong province with the most convenient transportation and prosperous economic in China, 1 hour by car to Hangzhou or Ningbo and 2 hours from Shanghai.Our company Vaccum freezing drying machine was established by a group of experienced and dedicated engineers who are excited and specialized in finding the best solutions to improve the food processing equipment potato chips cutting machine/vegetable slicing and cutting machine therefore bring value to the food processors and make better quality food products. Based on the Vaccum freezing drying machine market demands and our technology background,

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