Product Details

Freeze dryer for home use with low price

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name Industrial Freeze Dryer Machine
Certification CE,ISO9001
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 unit
Price Freeze dryer for home use with low price
Packaging Details Standard packing
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union,L/C
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

Freeze dryer for home use with low price

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Product Description

freezing dryer is suitable for freeze-drying experiment in laboratory or a small amount production. So they may meet some conventional needs of laboratory.

1. Match the green environmental protection of international standard

2. Liquid crystal display, Chinese interface, display drying curve

3. Big openings of the cold trap, without coil pipe inside, have pre-freeze function

4. Imported compressor, high capability of water-capture, low noise

5. The pre-cooling shelf can be used as draft tube, so it can accelerate the speed of drying

6. Cold trap and operation pane are all stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and brigLD

7. Transparent bell-cap drying room is safe and visual

8. Stainless steel sample shelf, the space of common sample tray can be adjusted

9. Small volume, convenient operation

10. Valve with nitrogen is optional./ oriental machine made

Detail Picture

Freeze dryer for home use with low price Freeze dryer for home use with low price Freeze dryer for home use with low price Freeze dryer for home use with low price
High performance refrigerating system
LCD digital display and on-time system monitoring
Wide and open ice condenser, easy operation
Stainless steel inner surfaces, excellent anti-corrosion
Compact bencLDop design, space saving
Clear acrLDic glass drying chamber, drying process observable
Purge valve optional for inner gas protection
Ice condenser temperature: -55°C
Processing capacity: 3kg/24hours
Vacuum pump: 120L/min, limit 0.05Pa
Four types of drying chambers available (A, B, C, D)
A: 4 shelves, Ø200mm
B: Stoppering device, 3 shelves Ø180mm, 135 serum bottles, Ø22m
C: T-Shape manifold, 24 ampoule bottles
D: Stoppering device, 3 shelves, Ø180mm, Manifold for 8 flasks
Dimensions: 565x420x360 mm (body only)
The real product may be different from the picture

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