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OIL Filter Press

Place of Origin Shandong,China
Brand Name almond oil plant machine
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Unit/Units
Price OIL Filter Press
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 5 Unit/Units per Month

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What is Almond Oil Plant price?
OIL Filter Press are the electric heating vacumm filter screw oil press machine.The products’ electric heating using internal and external heating at the same time.It also have the function that it can preheat pressing chamber automaticly before squeezing,and control the pressing temperature automaticly during squeezing.In the course of the press,OIL Filter Press can filter crude oil by vacuum.At the same time,OIL Filter Press can make the oil and slag separated,so that the oil becomes more clear.

Working Principle of OIL Filter Press:
Centrifugalization is a kind of method using centrifugal force to separate suspended impurities.Through the drum high-speed rotation of the centrifugal force separate the impurities form oil to reach solid and liquid separation. When the drum stops rotating, and net oil flow from the drum to achieve the purpose of filtering.The filtered oil can do edible test , no foam, no overflowed.

Process specification of crude oil refinery of OIL Filter Press:

1.The degummed oil firstly enters into the heater to be heated to the appropriate temperature (110°C),and then goes to the bleaching earth mixing tank.

2.The bleaching earth is delivered from the low bleaching box to the temporary tank by wind.

3.The bleaching earth is added by automatic metering and is interlockingly controlled with the oil.

4.The main function of decoloring process is to remove oil pigment, residual soap grain and metal irons.

5.Under negative pressure, the mechanical mixing method combined with steam mixing will improve the decoloring effect.

6.The oil mixed with the bleaching earth overflows into the continuous decolorizer, which is stirred by non-powered steam.

7.The decolored oil enters into the two alternate leaf filters to be filtered.

8.Then the filtered oil enters the decolored oil storage tank through the security filter.

9.The decolored oil storage tank is designed as the vacuum tank with the nozzle inside, so as to prevent the decolored oil contacting with the air and influencing its peroxide value and color reversion.


Oil Filter Press and Leaf Filter Press
Plate and Frame Type Filter press
ISO Certified
Exported to 45+ Countries
100% EOU

We manufacture and export a wide range of filter presses, which are designed to give maximum filtration efficiency, longer life and least maintenance. Available in different sizes and with varied capacities, we can also provide filter press in custom specifications.

Technical Data of Filter Presses:

SizeWt. of Filter
Press (kgs.)
Filtration Area
[Sq. Mtrs]
Of Piston
Size Of Plunger Pump
36" x 36" x 36 Plates80003040,0007.5Double80mm
30" x 30" x 30 Plates x 29 Frames5,5001825,0007.5Double80mm
30" x 30" x 30 Plates4,4001825,0005Single80mm
24" x 24" x 24 Plates x 23 Frames3,0001010,0005Double60mm
24" x 24" x 30 Plates2,7501512,5005Double60mm
24" x 24" x 24 Plates2,3501010,0003Single60mm
18" x 18" x 18 Plates1,10045,0002Single40 mm
14" x 14" x 14 Plates65023,5002Single40mm
12" x 12" x 12 Plates3801.52,5001Single30mm

Common RPM Of Plunger Pumps = 40 To 45
SizeWt. of Filter
Press (kgs.)
Filtration Area
[sq. Mtrs]
Type Of Pump
36" x 36" x 36 Plates x 35 Frames100003040,000102900Centrifugal

*Capacity differs with the quality of the oil to be filtered.

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