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China supplier industrial microwave drying machine for pectin

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Microwave Seafood Dryer
Certification CE Certificate
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price China supplier industrial microwave drying machine for pectin
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Supply Ability 360 Set/Sets per Year

Product Features

China supplier industrial microwave drying machine for pectin

Brief introduction

The application of microwave technology for industry heating provides a new heating mode, the heating mode in industry, agriculture, chemical, medical care and other aspects have been widely used. First is the use of its thermal effects, mainly used in food, medicine, agricultural and sideline native products, wood, cardboard, chemical industrial products and heating dry.Second, it is using its biological effects of food and medicine, native products, agricultural and sideline the low temperature sterilization, mouldproof insurance, liquor CuiChen, alcoholize, suspended fermentation, breeding, etc. Microwave heating as the high technology and new technology, already from lab to production practical stage, the prospect is wide.

Theory of microwave machine

Microwave is from 300 MHz to 300 GHz frequency electromagnetic wave, the direction and size intercropping periodic change at any time. Microwave and material direct action, will be very high-frequency electromagnetic waves into heating is the microwave heating process . Water is very strong absorption material of microwave , water molecules in the material is polar molecule, in microwave function, its polarity orientation with the change of the electric magnetic field changes. 915 MHz microwave can make 1.83 billion times per second movement of water molecules, the molecular extremely friction, collision, make the material produce heating and maturation and a series of process and reach the purpose of microwave heating.

Features of Design

1.Fast heating

Microwave heating is completely different with traditional heating mode. It makes heating medium become heater, do not need heat transfer process. Although thermal conductivity is poor materials, also can achieve heating temperature in a very short time.

2.Save energy and efficiency

Because materials contain water absorb microwave easily and fever, so in addition to a small amount of transmission loss outside, almost no other loss, so high thermal efficiency, save energy.

3.Heating even

No matter how shape of each part of the body, microwave heating all can make the object and evenly infiltration and electromagnetic wave list to produce the heat. So heating good uniformity, won't appear the endogenous phenomenon focal.

4.Mouldproof, sterilization, fresh

Microwave heating has thermal and biological effect, can sterilize and mould proof in low temperature.Due to heating rapidly, the time is short, can maximum limit save material activity and thevitamin original colour and lustre and nutrition of food.

5.Craft is advanced, control easily

Microwave heating just have the basic conditions ofwater, electricity, as long as control power, can realize microwave heating or terminate immediately, use microwave equipment can process automation control of heating process and heating process specification.

6.Covers less area, safety and harmless

Because microwave can be controlled in made of metal heating indoor and wave, so microwave leak is few, no radiation hazards andharmful gases,do not produce the waste heat and dust pollution.Neither polluting food,also do not pollute the environment.

Reference of machine details

China supplier industrial microwave drying machine for pectin China supplier industrial microwave drying machine for pectin China supplier industrial microwave drying machine for pectin

Guarantee and after-sales service

For the whole equipment,warranty is 12 months,within 12 months,if have equipment quality problems,we will provide accessories freely. After the expiration of the warranty period,if have spare parts problem,we only receive the cost of required replacement parts.We commit we will provide free technical support of equipment all whole life.

Packing and Shipping

1.Transportion:By vessel

2. Delivery Term:FOB/CFR/CIF

3. Delivery time:25 work days after having received deposit

4. Package:wooden cases(fully meets with export package requirements)

5. Payment Terms:50% deposit by T/T,balance 50% paid by T/T before shipment.50% deposit by T/T,balance 50% paid by L/C before shipment.

NOTE:We can specially design the machine according to your production's features.

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