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Microwave powder drying machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Tea Fixation and Drying Machine
Certification CE
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price Microwave powder drying machine
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Supply Ability 1000 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features


1.rapid heating/symmetrical saving/efficient
3.mildewproofing/sterilizing /keeping fresh innocuity


Microwave powder drying machine is mainly used for chemical industry.

Microwave powder dry machine is according to the special requirements of powder industry, unique design of high efficiency powder microwave drying equipment. Microwave powder dry equipment has a high degree of automation, dry dust losses small, energy efficiency is high, lower cost, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, etc. Especially suitable for the ultimate high moisture content of dry material, whether free water or integrating with, it can make water in powder to reduce to less than 1% in a few minutes or more than ten minutes.

Microwave powder drying machine by:

1, automatic feeding system. The material through ascension into the machine into hopper rough broken, the material of segmentation agglomerate part; And then spread to the materials. Even make the material into the microwave drying system.

2, microwave drying system. The material into the microwave drying system, in the microwave electromagnetic field under direct effect of rapid warming; Moisture to evaporate. Microwave heating system with automatic turn material system, makes the material in the bottom water discharge and achieve rapid even dry.

3, a more than and material recycling system. The dry material through the screening and crushing system into the weight packing. Some because the powder own adhesion, there will be a few materials attached on the conveyor belt; Residual material through at this time more than material recycling system to collect, avoid material on losses.


Suitable for material will require high water content, crystal powder material of free water, integrating with rapid drying.

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model MODEL (KVA)RATED INPUT (KW)MICROWAVE OUTPUT dehydration(kg/h) (kg/h) sterilization L*W*H(mm)
JN-6 6kw 8.4kw 6kw 6 30kg/h 5850*820*1750
JN-8 8 11.2kw 8kw 8 40kg/h 5850*820*1750
JN-10 10kw 14kw 10kw 10 60kg/h 5850*820*1750
JN-12 12kw 16.8kw 12kw 12 100kg/h 7200*820*1750
JN-15 15kw 21kw 15kw 15 150kg/h 8300*820*1750
JN-18 18kw 25kw 18kw 18 180kg/h 8300*820*1750
JN-20 20kw 28kw 20kw 20 250kg/h 9550*820*1750
JN-25 25kw 36kw 25kw 25 320kg/h 9550*820*1750
JN-30 30kw 42kw 30kw 30 360kg/h 10680*820*1750
JN-35 35kw 50kw 35kw 35 420kg/h 10680*820*1750
JN-40 40kw 56kw 40kw 40 520kg/h 10680*1440*1750
JN-45 45kw 63kw 45kw 45 540kg/h 10680*1440*1750
JN-50 50kw 70kw 50kw 50 700kg/h 11810*1440*1750
JN-60 60kw 84kw 60kw 60 840kg/h 12940*1440*1750
JN-70 70kw 98kw 70kw 70 980kg/h 14070*1440*1750
JN-75 75kw 105kw 75kw 75 1050kg/h 15200*1440*1750
JN-80 80kw 112kw 80kw 80 1120kg/h 15200*1600*1750
JN-100 100kw 140kw 100kw 100 1400kg/h 15200*1660*1750
JN-120 120kw 168kw 120kw 120 1680kg/h 17460*1660*1750
JN-150 150kw 210kw 150kw 150 2100kg/h 20850*1750*1750

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