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100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name 10-500T/D sunflower seeds and cake oil solvent extraction machine
Certification CE,ISO9001
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 unit
Price 100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE
Packaging Details Standard packing
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union,L/C
Supply Ability 20 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

Sunflower oil production line basic flow chart:oilseeds pretreatment→pre-pressing→solvent extraction→oil refining.Our engineer can design different process of sunflower oil extraction machinery, according to the different requirements and target price.

Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTDcan configure design process sunflower seed oil extraction production line for the customer, under normal circuLDtances, process engineers will configure the latest technoloLD to customers depending on customer requirements and target price.

Soybean Oil Production Machine

The whole process for soybean oil production machine includes soybean pretreatment, soybean oil solvent extraction machine and soybean oil refinery sections.

Product Description

Raw Material

The oil machine is suitable for different materials, but the process of each materials is various. If you really need to process oilseeds, welcom to know much from us. The main materials is rice bran, peanut, palm, sunflower, corn germ, soybean, sesame, cottonseeds and so on.

100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE

1,Brief process of soybean pretreatment:

Oilseeds→ Cleaning→ Destoner→ Crusher → Conditioning → Flaker → Extruding→Cooling

The soybeans are first cleaned, dried and dehulled prior to oil extraction.

The soybean hulls needs to be removed because they absorb oil and give a lower yield.

This de-hulling is done by cracking the soybeans and a mechanical separation of the hulls and cracked soybeans.

Magnetic separators are used to separate any iron from the soybeans.

2,Brief process of soybean meal extraction:

Raw embryos→Extractor→Wet meal→Evaporation→Cooling→Product meal


Mixed oil→Filter→Negative pressure evaporation → Crude oil


Solvent recovery

First the soybeans are cut in flakes which are put in a percolation extractors and immerged with a solvent, normally hexane. Counterflow is used as extraction system because it gives the highest yield. After removing the hexane, the extracted flakes only contain about 1% of soybean oil and is used as livestock meal or to produce food products such as soy protein. The hexane is separated from the soybean oil in evaporators. The evaporated hexane is recovered and returned to the extraction process. The hexane free crude soybean oil is then further purified.

3,Soybean oil refinery

Crude soybean oil → degumming and deacidification→ decolorization →deodorization → refined soybean oil.

The crude soybean oil still contains many oil-insoluble and oil-soluble impurities that needs to be removed. The oil-insoluble material are removed with filtration and the soluble materials is removed with different processes including degumming (removing of phosphatides), alkali refining (washing with alkaline solution to remove free fatty acids, colorants, insoluble matter and guLD) and bleaching (with activated earth or activated carbon to remove colour and other impurities.

What are the machines lLD?

100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE

Introduction of puffing:

The current technoloLD in bleaching increases the oil yield. After the pretreatment process, probably it' difficult to get the oil from some oil plants, because of the high powder content, the residual oil is still pretty high, so we use puffing technoloLD to solve this problem.

The particles are bigger after puffing, and the osmosis is improved, it's easier to get the oil out of materials, so the production is improved by 50~80%.

The puffing technoloLD is a very improtant way to save the cost, get higher profit.

Solvent extraction system:

100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE 100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE

Refining machines:

Company Information

1.Our company has been set up since 1982, It has been awarded the "The quality-star

enterprise of China"

2.Our factoru is also a group enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing,

sales as one.

3.We have cooperated with Research Institute of Machine Design Company and LD,

LD University of TechnoloLD (formerly the Shandong Leader Grain College) school-enterprise

cooperation in the oil equipment to carry out long term, protein extraction, phospholipid

extraction, etc. R & D and application of new technologies.

4.We have more than 200 employees ,among them ,there are 20 engineering technical

personnel who hold intermediate and senior professional titles, and two highly reputed


5.We have exported our machines to Moscow, Romania, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh,

Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Tunisia, and so on. Our new customers can visit

our demo machines in different countries.

Customer visit:

100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE

Our Services

We offer perfect after-sale service, after delivering oil machines, we will dispatch engineers overseas to instruct installation,commissioning and train workers to operate our machines by theLDelves.The guarantee period of our machines is one year, and we can offer spare parts and technical instruction forever.


1.Oil seed press:6YY Korea hydraulic sesame oil press, 6LD screw oil press and 6YT-5T oil press unit.

2.Small top-grade cooking oil press unit, 1t-5t treated daily

3.Oil seed pretreatment: prepress unit, 10t-2000t treated daily
4.Oil seed extraction: 5t-1000t cake treated daily, adopting solvent(hexane) extraction.

5.Top-grade cooking oil and salad oil press unit, 5t-500t treated daily
6.First class oil refining unit: 5t-1000t crude oil treated daily


100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE 100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE 100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE 100TPD Soybean oil processing mill with ISO ,BV,CE

If you are interested in our Machine ,please kindly contact us with your required daily capacity, treated quantity, raw material and related data, then we would suggest suitable production line and make flowchart for you as your requirement.


1. Q: Which kind of materials can be processed?

A: All kinds of oil seeds. For example, rice bran, corn germ, cottonseeds, peanut, sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, etc.

2. Q: What's the capacity?

A: 5-2000 tons per day.

3. Q: The materials of our machine?

A: The stainless steel and carbon steel.

4. Q: Can you install the machine in local place.

A: We will send our engineers to local place to help installing the machine.

5. Q: How to operate the machines?

A: Our engineers will train the worker how to operate it after running.

Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD supply the complete set of Cooking oil production line machinery including sunflower oil production line, palm oil production line, soya bean oil production line, peanut oil production line, cotton seeds oil production line, maize corn germ oil production line, clamelia oil production line, rapeseeds oil production line, canola oil production line, coconut cropra oil production line, shea oil production line, groundnuts oil line, sesame oil production line,black seeds oil production line, jatropha seeds oil production line,moringa seeds oil production line.

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