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All sorts of Vegetable oil solvent extraction equipment

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name 10-500T/D sunflower seeds and cake oil solvent extraction machine
Certification CE,ISO9001
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 unit
Price All sorts of Vegetable oil solvent extraction equipment
Packaging Details Standard packing
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union,L/C
Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Year solvent oil extraction equipment

Product Features

Sunflower oil production line basic flow chart:oilseeds pretreatment→pre-pressing→solvent extraction→oil refining.Our engineer can design different process of sunflower oil extraction machinery, according to the different requirements and target price.

Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTDcan configure design process sunflower seed oil extraction production line for the customer, under normal circuLDtances, process engineers will configure the latest technoloLD to customers depending on customer requirements and target price.

Customers are our bosses!

Leaching of the rule of law principle of extraction of oil is applied, using solvent oil to the oil extracted from oil, grease dissolving into the solvent oil, called mixed oil, and then evaporating equipment to evaporate solvent oil, condensate recycling, and the remaining Oil is the crude oil was soaking meal is taken off the use of scraper conveyor machine drying solvent transported to the meal after the library.
All sorts of Vegetable oil solvent extraction equipment

solvent oil extraction equipment line

1.The extractor is driven by gear rack.

2.Unique balancing rotor is designed to ensure less power consumption, less maintenance cost and no noise

3.Rotation speed of shutter and host machine can be adjusted automatically according to incoming oilseed quantity to ensure that the bin level is stable.

4.This will do good to form micro negative-pressure in the extractor and reduce the leakage.
5.Process of miscella circulation is improved to reduce the solvent use, solvent residue in meal and increase the miscella concentration.

6. EnerLD is saved through reducing the evaporation quantity.

7.Rotor extractor is very popular to many kinds of pre-pressed cake.

8.Rotating cell designed at the high bin level makes it easy to form immersion-extraction and thus reduce the meal fines content in miscella.

9.All this done will do good to improving the crude oil quality and reducing scaling in evaporation system.

10.Rotor Extraction is suitable for various oilseed extraction.

All sorts of Vegetable oil solvent extraction equipment

Solvent Extraction Plant


Residual oil in meal

≤ 1% ( cotton seeds )


Solvent consumption

≤ 3Kg/T (6 #solvent oil)


Crude oil moisture and volatile matter

≤ 0.30%


Power consumption

≤ 15KWh/T


steam consumption

≤ 280Kg/T (0.8MPa)


Finished meal moisture

≤ 10-13% (adjustable)

Residual solvent in finished meal

≤ 300PPM (qualified detonated experiment)

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