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rice bran oil refining machine and dewaxing plant with high quality

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name 10-500T/D sunflower seeds and cake oil solvent extraction machine
Certification CE,ISO9001
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 unit
Price rice bran oil refining machine and dewaxing plant with high quality
Packaging Details Standard packing
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union,L/C
Supply Ability 50 Set/Sets per Year rice bran oil refining machine

Product Features

Sunflower oil production line basic flow chart:oilseeds pretreatment→pre-pressing→solvent extraction→oil refining.Our engineer can design different process of sunflower oil extraction machinery, according to the different requirements and target price.

Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTDcan configure design process sunflower seed oil extraction production line for the customer, under normal circuLDtances, process engineers will configure the latest technoloLD to customers depending on customer requirements and target price.


rice bran oil refining machine
Super wet deguming,
Bleaching earth automatic metering,
Negative pressure decoloring, etc..

Palm oil refining equipments / edible oil refinery plant

Continuous Oil Refining Process Introduction

Alkali hot water

Crude oil→filter→mix→reactor→mix→reactor→centrifugal separation→oil residue

↑ ↓

Phosphoric acid hot water→mix ↓


degumming oil←cooler←dry←centrifuge separation←mix←alkali liquor

↓ ↓

↓ vacuum steam jet pump←steam citric acid

↓ ↓

bleaching earth→mix→decoloring→filter→decoloring oil→mix→heat


refined oil←filter←cool←deodorizing←vacuum

Description of oil refining machine

(1) The main parts are two neutralizing tank, one bleaching tank and one deodorizing.They are all hanging on the steel strucutre.

(2)It has proper staircase and railing on all the sides of steel structure at the first floor and also on staircase. There are also two filters,one is used after bleaching,one is used after deodorization.

(3) Two oil tanks : raw oil tank and bleached oil tank ,accomodated under the strucutre on the ground floor. Then cooler, thermal oil boiler, two steam generators, vacuum pump, water pumps, oil pumps and refined oil tank are arranged on the ground floor around the steel structure .

(4) 40ft. tower is erected just near the deodourizer and its complete structure is supported from the ground floor and also it is attached with the refinery structure. Berometric condenser is arranged at 40ft. heigLD to create proper vacuum.

(5) All types of pipes are interconnected as per the requirement of the refinery i.e. oil pipes , vacuum pipelines , steam pipelines, water pipelines , thermic fluid pipelines . At all appropriate places, proper valves controll the pipelines.

(6) Neutralizer is provided with thermal oil coil for heating the oil.

(7) Bleacher is provided with double pipe coil. One is for thermal oil and another is for cooling water.

(8) Deodorizer is provided with double pipe coil i.e. in both the coils, thermal oil is circulated. Steam is ejected from the stainless nozzles provided on the steam pipe cross supported at the bottom.

(9) Cooler is provided with double pipe coil. Both for cooling water.

(10) In every parts, temperature gauge is provided. Vacuum gauge is provided on deodorizer, bleacher and cooler.

(11) Neutralizer is open on the top having conical bottom.

(12) Bleacher has dished ends on both the sides. Similarly deodorizer has dished ends on both the sides. Cooler has also dished ends on both the sides.

rice bran oil refining machine and dewaxing plant with high quality rice bran oil refining machine and dewaxing plant with high quality

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