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Small Vertical Microwave Heating/Cooking Oven for Fast Food

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Microwave thawing machine for the food industry
Certification ISO 9001, CE
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 set
Price Small Vertical Microwave Heating/Cooking Oven for Fast Food
Packaging Details Plastic film suitable for ocean carriage
Delivery Time Within 45 days after received the deposit
Payment Terms 30% of the amount should be paid as deposit,and the balance 70% should be paid before shipment by T/
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

If you interesting in Small Vertical Microwave Heating/Cooking Oven for Fast Food ?kindly ask me, Shandong Industrial Microwave Oven can give technical support and service.
Please metioned below information in your inqury.
1.What's your raw material? How about the form of your products?
2.How much moisture content before drying and after drying?
3.How many input and output capacity per hour?

Once confirm above details,we can provide a suitable solution for you.

In addition,Shandong Industrial Microwave Oven not only manufacture Microwave equipment ,but also have oil press and refined oil equipment for peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, animal,grape seed, acer truncatum, peony seed, walnut, hemp seed, pine, tea seed, papaya, milk thistle seed, and other special material.

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Small scale vertical type microwave heating equipment:


Microwave fast food heating equipment ,microwave snack heating equipment ,fast microwave fast food heating machine,microwave fast food heating machine ,fast microwave snack heating machine are suitable for heating ,low temperature sterilizing fast food and snack,widely used in industrial enterprise,school,fast food companies,restaurants,arena,exhibition and other fast food distribution.The advantages are :high productivity,continuous and fast ,can finish heating in 2 minutes ,don’t destory the nutritional content of food ,don’t change color ,don’t change the flavor.

At the same time,because in the microwave heating process,microwave thermal and non-thermal effect together,plays a bactericidal role for fast food,meets with the food health indicators requirements.Micrwave heating fast food equipment is the best choice for heating fast food.Equipment can be pointed reasonably designed accorrding to your products productivity.

Technical parameters:

Power:three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50HZ±1%

Microwave frequency output:2450±50MHZ

Microwave input power: 9KVA

Microwave output power: ≤6KW

Power adjustment range: 0-6KW (adjustable)

Temperature measuring range, precision: 0-200°C

Temperature range: 5-40°C

Relative humidity: 80%

Import and export door height: 200mm*380mm

Dimension (L*W*H): About 1400mm*1200mm*1750mm

Microwave leak:Accord with national GB10436-89standard(our company standardMW/CM2)

Accord with GB-5226 electrical safety standards

Accord with national GB16798-1997food machinery health safety index


1. This equipment uses the contemporary most advanced much housing framework,

equipped with multi-source Japan's Matsushita brand special industrial microwave

magnetrons (model 2M167B), this magnetrons because used metal ceramic

sealing pipe mouth, so its high-temperature resistance and environmental

performance is very good. The equipment is also adopts high voltage capacitor

(2500V/AC), original high against the flow cooling fan, and compression 4300V

high reliable air-cooled industrial microwave transformer, 10KV high-voltage

silicon pile and high resistance circuit design to ensure the reliable microwave

output power(adjustable).

2. Heater is box structure, continuous tunnel type microwave heating system uses

1.5 mm thick posco stainless steel 304 South Korea grind arenaceous

board manufacturing, single-sided dual grind arenaceous plank, microwave frame

system uses 2mm thick cold frame coating process design and manufacture.

3. To ensure the equipment in microwave emission and continuous operation, in

order to achieve the stability of the quality of the product and production

requirements, will use the following measures:

I. this equipment manufacturing, processing is not permittedwith cabinet body

with suppressor, partition between the connection between the more than 1mm

part cracks.

II. domestic microwave equipment cabinet later with suppressor microwave

"spark" between is the frequent place, according to the particularity of dry

sterilization materials and must ensure that production safety, we adopt special

isolating device for effective interval segregation.

III. platoon is wet and exhaust temperature separation system: will make the platoon wet system separately,forced to flow steam rapidly for heating.


IV. microwave generator is set on the top box for heating equipment general appearance,compact structure, beautiful, smooth, cover an small area.

Equipment characteristics

1 The machine from the outer surface, whole structure smooth, beautiful, no exposed

rivets and screws and fasteners.

2 Microwave heater standing wave field.

3 Heating box set on U.S. imports highlighted infrared radiation.

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