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Microwave dryer for Puer tea

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Microwave thawing machine for the food industry
Certification ISO 9001, CE
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 set
Price Microwave dryer for Puer tea
Packaging Details Plastic film suitable for ocean carriage
Delivery Time Within 45 days after received the deposit
Payment Terms 30% of the amount should be paid as deposit,and the balance 70% should be paid before shipment by T/
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month

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1.Rapid/symmetrical drying
2.Save time ,efficiency
3.Mildewproofing/sterilizing/keeping fresh
4.Advanced craftwork


Tea processing is the traditional industry in China, in order to improve the tea processing quality and industry modernization, it is necessary in early tea processing and deep processing industry of new science and technology, and the application of advanced microwave technology in tea has a good prospect.

1. Microwave tea heat treated(shaqing):

Production of green tea, oolong tea, healthy tea, all need to treat heated. To passivation polyphenol oxidase activity, evaporation partial moisture content, volatile grass smell , softening organization. At present commonly use the pan-fied processing way, a few parts use the steam heat treated. The test results show that the microwave and traditional way for processing the tea quality is good, without obvious difference,but the time is short,can save7/8 time.

2. Microwave tea drying:

The general hot blast process of drying materials is external heated,the surface drying, heat transfer to the inner, the direction andthe direction to the water diffusion transfer is contrast,affect the moisture evaporation. But the microwave heating is inner heating, high water content parys is warming faster. So in microwave drying process, moisture from the inner layer to the ourer inner's migration speed is fast, and the drying speed is faster than hot blast drying.

3. Microwave application in tea insecticidal and mouldproof

Tea in the process of storage is easy to give birth to worm, in the pilfermentation process of black tea also often happens insects pollution phenomenon. In the past the commonly used medicine fumigation insecticidal method, but there are problems for drug residue, by microwave processing can obtain good desinsection effect, tea insects insecticidal effect and the tea and insect body the dielectric properties, when tea closely related the moisture content of less than 12%, to strengthen the effect of the pests.

4. Microwave application in tea juice extraction:

Tea soft drinks (tea drink, tea powder) processing cannot leave theextraction process. At present the conventional method is tea extraction with hot water extraction, microwave extraction technology in foreign development is rapid, use microwave extraction tea in the effective composition, have extraction speed, the time is shorter (than the conventional way to shorten the 1/3 ), extraction yield high characteristic. General extraction step is:let a certain amount of tea in microwave extraction equipment, within the addition of suitable amount of water, and then put the equipment in the control requirements of the temperature and time, start heating extraction, finally the filter to get tea juice.

5.Microwave in the application of tea beverage sterilization

Tea drinks in conventional thermal sterilization, due to high temperature long, make tea aroma has large losses. By microwave sterilization, and has a good effect. Microwave sterilization is the microwave heating and biological effects the result of joint action. Microwave on microbe is to make the heating effect of the protein denaturation, lead to microbial death; And the biological effects of microwave on the microorganisms that appear a cell membrane performance of change, make microbial growth is restrained and death. Due to the use of the heating and microwave sterilization non-thermal effect on biological damage effect, therefore, its sterilization temperature below the conventional method, and this helps to keep the tea beverage aroma.

Microwave dryer for Puer tea

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