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Juice microwave sterilizing machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator
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Price Juice microwave sterilizing machine
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Product Features

Product Application for Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator
Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator is an advanced Hi-Tech dehydration technology, Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator makes hydrous materials frozen in the low temperature status, then under the vacuum condition, Juice microwave sterilizing machine adopts thermal radiation method for heating, to sublimate ice to gas directly. After the moisture comes out, it uses ice-condenser (cold trap) and vacuum device to dehydrate the water content. Juice microwave sterilizing machine is a combined application technology based on multidisciplinary development, including refrigeration, heating, vacuum, biological, electrical and etc. Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator technology has widely application,such as for chemical products, biologics,health product, herbs,agricultural products ( meat, poulty, egg, sea food, vegetables and fruits and etc.)

Main Features for Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator:
1) Suitable for food lyophilization processing in the area of vegetables and fruits, dietary supplements, instant food, condiments, biological product, medicine, beverage and etc.
2) Lyophilization is a dehydration method that to sublime the material containing water from frozen solid state to steam state directly under the vacuum and low temperature condition.
3) Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator is the most advanced dehydration technic in the world currently with the advantages of long period quality assurance, good-rehydration, good condition of the looking, flavor, taste and high content nutritious remains. The finished product has basically unchanged volume and shape with spongy appearance.
4) Juice microwave sterilizing machine is easy storage and transportation.
5) Juice microwave sterilizing machine have high automatic control with time and temperature adjustable operation.
6) Juice microwave sterilizing machine have adopt the water-sealed pump and oil-sealed pump vacuum system, closed circulation heating system, postposition and bottom-position cold trap to make sure the efficient operation with equal quality.
7) Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator have extraordinary freezing efficiency is guaranteed by the extremely efficient evaporator, optimized design and quality finishing.


1.heating rapidly and uniformity 2.sterilization effcet is well advanced 4.saving energy and efficient

Juice microwave sterilizing machine

Main Application:
Microwaveliquid sterilizing machine is mainly used for the sterilization and fresh-keeping of liquid preparations,e.g. oral liquid

and syrup, as well as soy, vinegar, andhealth-care tea etc. Besides, it can be used for the ripening and mellowing of liquor,

vinegar etc. The materials are processed with microwave in a totally closed environment. So, the machine has merits of rapid

sterilization, high efficiency, low temperature, remarkable ripening, convenient operation, easy to control and no touch pollution etc.

The liquid materials are conveyed to the heater by pipeline transportation system, and then they are heated under the effect

of microwave energy. Bacteria in the liquid materials are killed by biological effect and heating effect, which are generated under

the action of microwave electromagnetic field.

Structural Features:
Microwave liquid sterilizing machine adopts multi-port energy feed which is the most advanced and up-to-date in the present

age. And, magnetron imported from Japan is used to ensure microwave output power adjustable. This magnetron has the

characteristics of big power, high efficiency, good performance of anti-mismatched load, long serving life and air cooling.

Heater is a box type and its main components are made of stainless steel. Its design, manufacturing process and appearance

completely meet the requirements of pharmaceutical equipments GMP standard . The whole machine adopts modular design,

resulting in convenient cleaning, installation, disassembly, inspection and repair.? In addition, this equipment still adopts

advanced choke device which can prevent microwave leakage, as well as open door cut-off protection device and door lock.

As a result, the machine in whole has a compact, beautiful and smooth appearance, small space required.

Juice microwave sterilizing machine

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