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GRT heat pump dryer (intersolar meeting heat pumps, 3.5kw 5kw 7kw 12kw 16kw 18kw 24.5kw 36kw 72kw)

Place of Origin Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name mesh-belt drier machine
Certification CE ISO GMP
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets Industrial drying equipment/heat pump dryer
Price GRT heat pump dryer (intersolar meeting heat pumps, 3.5kw 5kw 7kw 12kw 16kw 18kw 24.5kw 36kw 72kw)
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 25 Set/Sets per Month Industrial drying equipment/heat pump dryer

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Product Description

GRT Heat Pump Dehydrator/Dryer/Drying Machine forFruit/Food/vegtables

Equipment introduction

Macadamias dryer is the use of compressed air energy principle, absorbs the heat from the surrounding air, the compressor after high temperature air become, and pass it to the heated material, its working principle are similar to refrigerator, different is the dryer working temperature range of applicability is different, it can be as high as the output of the highest temperature 75 ℃, the temperature can be adjusted according to need. Macadamia nut chamber dryer is using compressed air energy principle, absorb heat from surrounding air, turns high temperature air after the compressor, and pass it to the heated material. Its working principle are similar to refrigerator,but dryer working temperature range of applicability is different, its output temperature maximum up to 75 , the temperature can be adjusted according to requirements . For macadamias, generally set temperature for 45-50 ℃.

Working principle

Macadamias drying and dehumidification machine mainly finned evaporator (outside ), compressor, finned condenser (inside) and expansion valve of four part composition , by absoring heat from the outdoor environment→ condense→

condensation (gives off heat from drying room) → throttle→ thermodynamic cycle process of evaporation, and thus external environment of low temperature heat transfer to drying room, refrigerant circulating flow in the system under the action of compressor. Complete gas booster heating processing in compressor (temperature up to 100 ° C) and it into inside release 75 ℃ high temperature heat , while being cooled and translated into the flow of liquid, when it runs outside, rapid heat evaporating liquid into gaseity again, at the same time, temperature can drop to 0 ° C ~ - 10 ° C, the surrounding air will continue to transfer heat to the refrigerant.


1, energy-saving : thermal efficiency is as high as 460%, operation cost is the 1/3 of fuel gas, fuel oil, is 1/4 of the electricity, 40% lower than the solar energy, save 30% than coal;

2, environmental protection: electricity directly, no waste heat, water and air emissions;

3, safety: separation of water and electricity, no leakage danger, no explosion danger;

4, easy installation: integrated drying, dehumidification, installation, demolition is convenient and can be installed inside or outside;

5, drying quality control: intelligent control, color, lustre and shape remains unchanged,.

High degree of automation, intelligent,24 hours of continuous drying operation.

Not affected by climate: whether it is windy or rainy, can be operation.

Packaging & Shipping

The dryer will be packed in wooden case or as your request.

It will be delivered by air,international express or by sea!

Good package will assure you recived the goods in good condition!

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