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Good Price Rye Belt Type Microwave Drying/Roasting Machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Large industrial microwave system
Certification CE
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price Good Price Rye Belt Type Microwave Drying/Roasting Machine
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 300 Set/Sets per Year

Product Features

Product Features for Good Price Rye Belt Type Microwave Drying/Roasting Machine:
1.The outer box is used SPCC (Steel Plate Cold rolled Commercial) with the thickness of 2.0mm,and the surface is processing with electrostatic spraying.
2.The liner is used stainless steel with 1.5mm thickness.
3.The Heat preservation cotton is used rock wool with high density.
4.The heating element heater is made of stainless steel heating tube with U shape fins.
5.With multiduck liner

Product Controling Features for Good Price Rye Belt Type Microwave Drying/Roasting Machine:

1.PID self-adjusting, automatic constant temperature,self-clocking,alarming outage when temperature got limited.
2.Using intelligent temperature controller,PID automatic caculus,LED display,can guarantee the equipmets' high quality.
3.Using solid state relays(SSR) output, can accurately control the temperature.

Range of Application for Industrial Sized Microwave:Hardware,electron,chemical,printing,sports equipment,footwear industry,auto parts and so on.


Tunnel Type Microwave Drying/Roasting Equipment
1.excellent quality energy drying
4.reasonable price

Good Price Rye Belt Type Microwave Drying/Roasting Machine

Product Description


The tunnel type microwave drying and sterilization machine

1.The equipment is made of high-quality 304# stainless steel,fully meet with medicine machinery requirements;
2.Microwave leak:accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(≤5 mw/cm²);
3.Control system: PLC control interface or press-button control;
4.Adopt high-quality Panasonic magnetron,long life,best effect;
5.Low-temperature drying and sterilization,keep material character perfect,keep the ingredient.

Main application Range

This machine is widely used for drying and sterilization power,granular,flakes or colloidal form foods,nutritional health products,grain,agricultural and sideline products(rice cornmeal),bamboo shoot,tea(wide chrysanthemum flower,broadleaf holly leaf,lotus leaf,green tea,black tea,pure tea),ginseng,mushroom,agaric,ganoderma,vegetables and fruits(spinach,carrot,parsley,onion,mango slice,apple slice,lemon slice,kiwi slice,banana slice etc),preserved fruits,red juice,non-fired(oil saving)instant noodles,cookie,biscuit,rice powder noodles,chicken jerky,preserved meat,dried fish,seafood(seaweed,sea cucumber,laver,kelp,sardine,shrimp,abalone etc),pickles,spices(pepper powder,chicken essence,beef essence,pork essence,yeast extract,seafood extract,seafood soup essence,seafood soup powder,spareribs soup pure,spareribs soup powder,spices,chili powder,ginger powder,garlic powder,aniseed,cinnamon,angelica,cumin,cassia bark,fennel etc),egg yolk powder,jam,a variety of small packaging and pet food mildew sterilization preservation.

Main features

1.Fast heating. Microwave heating is completely different with traditional heating mode. It makes heating medium become heater, do not need heat transfer process. Although thermal conductivity is poor materials, also can achieve heating temperature in a very short time.

2.Save energy and efficiency. Because materials contain water absorb microwave easily and fever, so in addition to a small amount of transmission loss outside, almost no other loss, so high thermal efficiency, save energy.

3.Heating even. No matter how shape of each part of the body, microwave heating all can make the object and evenly infiltration and electromagnetic wave list to produce the heat. So heating good uniformity, won't appear the endogenous phenomenon focal.

4.Mouldproof, sterilization, fresh. Microwave heating has thermal and biological effect, can sterilize and mould proof in low temperature. Due to heating rapidly, the time is short, can maximum limit save material activity and the vitamin original colour and lustre and nutrition of food.

5.Craft is advanced, control easily. Microwave heating just have the basic conditions of water, electricity, as long as control power, can realize microwave heating or terminate immediately, use microwave equipment can process automation control of heating process and heating process specification.

6.Covers less area, safety and harmless. Because microwave can be controlled in made of metal heating indoor and wave, so microwave leak is few, no radiation hazards and harmful gases, do not produce the waste heat and dust pollution; Neither polluting food, also do not pollute the environment.

Main technical parameters

Power supply

380V 50HZ three-phase five-wire

Microwave output frequency


Microwave input apparent power


Microwave output power


Microwave power adjustment range




Equipment type

Transmission Teflon conveyor belt

Transmisison speed


Microwave leakage limit



Panasonic, 35sets


stainless steel



Packaging & Shipping

1. Delivery Term: FOB Qingdao

2. Delivery time: 35 work days after having received payment

3. Package: wooden cases

4. Payment Terms: 50% deposit by T/T,balance 50% paid by T/T before shipment.

5. Transportion : By vessel

Our Services

1.Commissioning Service:The price doesn't include install and test cost(When we delivery machine,we will provide detailed information ,includes how to install,you can install by yourself).OR 1~2 technican go to your warehouse for 7~10days and the cost will be at buyer’s account,one person is USD 70/day.

2. Warranty:while delivering machine,we will provide 2 sets spare parts freely.For the whole equipment,warranty is 12 months,within 12 months,if have equipment quality problems,we will provide accessories freely. After the expiration of the warranty period,if have spare parts problem,we only receive the cost of required replacement parts.We commit we will provide free technical support of equipment all whole life.

3. Pre-shipment Inspection: supplier should make trial run for the whole packing assemble at supplier’s factory

before shipment .

4.We reserve the right of technology improvement.

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Good Price Rye Belt Type Microwave Drying/Roasting Machine

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