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Small plant widely used chestnut peeler

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Price Small plant widely used chestnut peeler
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Product Description

Chestnut peeler two types:

1. Chestnut sheller (stripping kernel buff): used for deep processing of chestnut kernel peel special.

2. Chestnut sheller ( chestnut de Punta machine): used to remove the punta,separate the chestnut with the Punta during harvest, to replace manual separation process.

Please read the instructions to choose suitable machine based on your own needs. Above price is for separating chestnut kernel machine.

Chestnut Peeling Machine Application

In the hotel, chestnut wholesalers, chestnut processors, chestnut processing, food processing plants have been widely used.

Chestnut Peeler Features:

1.Single phase power supply, low power consumption, small size, ligLD weigLD, easy to install and move.

2.The machining time can be automatically set according to the actual processing conditions

3.One time put chestnut 1-2 kg or so, peeling time 30-55 seconds(depends on actual operation)

4.High peeling rate, take off the shell 100%, the rate of removal of the inside endothelium of 90-95% or so, the rate of hand peeled finished 75-80%.

Within same working time,different peeling effect comparation

Small plant widely used chestnut peeler Small plant widely used chestnut peeler

Raw material Hand peeling effect

Small plant widely used chestnut peeler

Machine peeler effect

5.Chestnut peeler machine not only can peel the chestnut outside,also peel the inside endothelial, no need to be soaked in water to peel.

Old hand peeling way,sinking in water to peel as the below picture show

Small plant widely used chestnut peeler

Technical data of chestnut peeler




Material:carbon steel,baking finish



Chestnut Peeler Pictures

Small plant widely used chestnut peeler Small plant widely used chestnut peeler Small plant widely used chestnut peeler Small plant widely used chestnut peeler

Small plant widely used chestnut peeler

Chestnut Peeler Operation

1.The chestnut shelling machine is firstly fixed, then connected to the power supply,;

2.Set time on time relay,usual 30-55seconds, adjust the suitable time depends on your condition;

3.Remove baffle plate,put chestnut into feeding mouth (each time put chestnut 1-1.5 kg for small model,put 1.5-2kg for larger model),and cover the baffle plate,finally press the switch to start running;

3. The alarm autocratically sound when time is over, open the discharge port, chestnut kernel will pop out from the discharge port;

4. As the same above operation, you can go on next peeling process, this machine motor with cooling fan,can continuous operation for 24hours.

Packaging & Shipping

Chestnut Peeler Carton Packing

Small plant widely used chestnut peeler

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