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Microwave Food Drying and Sterilization Equipment TL-18

Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name Industrial belt conveying microwave dryer
Certification ISO9000
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price Microwave Food Drying and Sterilization Equipment TL-18
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 30 Set/Sets per Year

Product Features

Microwave Food Drying and Sterilization Equipment

Application Range:

This equipment are widely used for drying and sterilizing powder,granular,flakes or colloidal form foods,nutritional health products,grain,agricultural and sideline products(rice,cornmeal),bamboo shoot,tea(wild chrysanthemum flower,broadleaf holly leaf,lotus leaf,green tea,black tea,puer tea),ginseng,mushroom,agaric,ganoderma,vegetables and fruits(spinach, carrot,parsley,onion,mango slice,apple slice,lemon slice,kiwi slice,banana slice etc),preserved fruits,red jujube,non-fired(oil saving)instant noodles,noodles,cookie,biscuit,rice powder noodles,chicken jerky,beef jerky,preserved meat,dried fish,seafood(seaweed,sea cucumber,laver,kelp,sardine,shrimp,abalone,etc),pickles,spices(pepper powder, Chicken essence, beef essence,pork essence,yeast extract,seafood extract,seafood soup fine,seafood soup powder, spareribs soup pure,pure,spareribs soup powder,spices,chili powder,ginger powder,garlic powder,aniseed,cinnamon,angelica,cumin,cassia bark,fennel etc),egg yolk powder,jam,a variety of small packaging and pet food mildew sterilization preservation.


(1) energy saving: conventional thermal sterilization often has the heat loss in the environment and equipment,microwave is directly to the food processing, therefore noadditional heat loss. In contrast, the general saving 30-50%.

(2) evenly and thoroughly: conventional thermal sterilizationis to start from the material surface, and then by heat conduction to the internal. There is difference in temperature of inside and outside. In order to keep the food flavor, the shortening of the time of treatment, often within the food did not achieve adequate temperature andinfluence the germicidal efficacy. Because microwave has a penetrating effect, the overall treatment on the surface and inside of the food, but also by action, so uniform, thoroughsterilization.

Model TL-20
Rated input power(KVA) 28kw
Microwave output power(KW) 20kw
Expected dehydration(kg/h) 20~28
Expected sterilization capacity(kg/h) 200~350
Size L*W*H(mm) 9550*820*1750

Microwave Food Drying and Sterilization Equipment TL-18

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