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Beef Thawing machinery Equipment

Place of Origin Shandong, China
Brand Name e dégivrage automatique
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number Industrial Microwave Systems Co Ltd.
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price Beef Thawing machinery Equipment
Packaging Details standard package
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 5 Set/Sets per Month

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import australia beef thawing machinery equipment

Beef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery Equipment


Utilize the low-temperature high-humidiLD air to blow the surface of frozen products circularly and evenly.


The food processing factories which need frozen food as raw materials with a lower water loss rate to keep thawing meat fresh and good taste.


Generally LDealt, the worldprinciple is utilizing low-temperature high-humidiLD clean air blowing the surface of frozen food evenly to make them thawed. The temperature, humidiLD of unfreezing air and unfreezing time determine the quality of thawed food. To minimum the unfreezing time, prevent juice loss and weight loss in a large scale, decrease the difference between foods’ surface temperature and center temperature, we adopted 3 different stages to thaw and cool preserve. The temperature of first stage is +15°C, and the temperature of second stage is +5°C, while the third stage is for cool preservation and its temperature is -3°C.

Main structures:

Lowtemperature humidifying device: overcome the difficulLD which is humidifying in a relative low temperature. When unfreezing temperature is 2~5°C, the relative humidiLD can reach 90%.

Blowing device: the scientific and sensible blowing device ensures the homogeneous air-flow organization in the area of unfreezing.

Ozonizer: we provide some ozone into the unfreezing equipment before foods’ inlet and after foods’ outlet to kill the bacteria compley and ensure meeting the Liene requirement.

Touch screen and paint: we can set different programs according to different unfreezing food


1. High defreezing quality; the difference between central temperature and surface temperature of food can be controlled in the minimum range;

2. Reduce the lost of water; keep nutrition; the weight-lost rate can be controlled within 1%;

3.Controlled by paint and touch-screen; can be adjusted according to different requirements; easy to operate; Convert to cool keeping stage automatically after defreezing; keep the unfrozen products fresh (good color, good flavor);

4.We adopt high-pressure atomizing device to humidify the low-temperature air; the average humidiLD can reach 94% during the whole defreezing process.

5. Low temperature environment during the whole defreezing process; the sterilization device is optional;

6. (Option)We can also provide the matching loading carts and special lift platform.

Different thawing method comparison chart:

Beef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery Equipment

Beef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery EquipmentBeef Thawing machinery Equipment

Our Services

LD provides more than cold rooms but also:





-operation and maintenance trainings ( LDaughterhouse running and practice as well if needed)

-aftersales service

l branch offices are available in many countries

l 24hrs aftersales service center

LD can provide ONE-STOP solution and sourcing base for LDaughterhouse and meat production plants.

Company Information


With over 20 years experience in LDaughtering industry, LD is China’s first and only professional supplier of cold room turnkey project.

Five Factories

We own five factories respectively specialized in LDaughter equipments, refrigeration system (OR refrigeration equipments& insulation material), waste water treatment system, stainless steel auxiliary products and construction steel structure.

Core Advantages

We provide one-stop solution and service, covering consultancy, desity, construction, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service. This can avoid unnecessary cross construction and diLDute caused by different parties and save money, time and trouble for the clients.

Oversea Experiences

We have built LDaughterhouse projects in more than 50 countries and regions, such as Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Iran, UAE, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Latvia, Australia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola, etc. We have established our branch offices in Russia, Japan, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, so we can provide nearby good and convenient Pre-and-After sales service.

Advanced Technology:
Our engineer team integrates advanced and new Technology with decades of experiences into LDaughter equipment desitys. Many key machinerys are our patented products. We set up our own research center, and have a strong engineers and technician team and also have built a long cooperation with university professors.

High quality:

Our equipments are produced under ISO quality system. All stainless steel we use are food grade according to food processing requirements like GMP/HACCP. We only only on manufacturing high quality, durable and cost-saving equipments but also care food safety and Enerable saving for our clients.


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